Frequently asked questions about the Flight of the Angel

1. Is the Flight of the Angel safe?

Yes, security checks are periodically carried out on the structure and equipment.
A test launch is carried out every day when the plant is opened.
The flight is not recommended for pregnant women.
People suffering from vertigo can safely fly because they do not feel on the cable.

Single Flight Rules
The single flight can be carried out by users aged 16 and over whose weight is between 35 and 120 kg.
The only limitation concerns pregnant women. Minimum height allowed 135 cm.

Rules for Couple Flight
For the couple of people flying together, the total weight including clothing cannot exceed 150 kilos, the weight control is carried out at the ticket office.
The difference in weight between people flying in pairs must not exceed 40 kg.
For children flying with their parent or an adult, the minimum age allowed is 12 years.
Minimum height allowed for each person 135 cm.

2. Where do I buy tickets, do I have to pay on the internet?

Telephone reservations cannot be made.
Tickets can be purchased with payment by credit card on this website and on the website
Tickets can be purchased at the Flight of the Angel ticket offices in Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa.

Availability of tickets
The lifts of the Volo dell’Angelo can carry out 20 flights for each time slot from 9.30 to 18.30, during the days of August also starting from 8.30. The ticket offices have at their disposal for each time slot a number of tickets equal to twenty minus those booked through the websites indicated. Since every day tickets are purchased via the web at any time, the availability of tickets decreases until it runs out depending on the purchases made. The only way to know the real-time availability of tickets is to make a reservation through the sites indicated. We strongly recommend those who want to secure their Flight of the Angel tickets to buy them online.

3. Where should I go when I arrive in Pietrapertosa or Castelmezzano to make the flight?

After parking to start everything, you have to go to one of the 2 ticket offices located in the historic center of the villages.
The Castelmezzano ticket office is located in Via Roma n. 28
The Pietrapertosa ticket office is located in via Garibaldi n. 4 A

4. If I booked on the internet and arrive later than the scheduled departure time, what happens?

In case of delay, a new time will be agreed at the ticket office based on available seats.

5. If I arrive by car, where can I park when I arrive in Pietrapertosa or Castelmezzano?

In Castelmezzano it is possible to park at the entrance to the village and along the provincial road.
In Pietrapertosa it is possible to park near the carabinieri station following the signs.

6. What does the shuttle service consist of?

The shuttle service is used to accompany customers near the stations, in Pietrapertosa from the arrival station to the entrance of the village, in Castelmezzano from the village to the beginning of the path that leads to the departure and arrival to the parking lots.
The departure station of Castelmezzano is a 20-25 minute walk (trekking) from the point where you are accompanied by the shuttle, a necessary path whatever the departure station chosen for the outbound flight, as the ticket includes round trip and therefore in one of the two cases it will be necessary to follow it. It is therefore necessary to wear shoes suitable for a trekking route.

7. Where can I leave my personal belongings, backpack, wallet, phone, camera?

It is not possible to leave personal belongings at the flight stations, they must be carried in flight in a backpack or bag. Just small items.

8. What can I take with me on the flight?

During the flight you can bring sunglasses and a small backpack.
The use of cameras or own shooting equipment is not allowed without authorization, it can only be used on a helmet with a specific request at the ticket office at check-in.

9. If I bought the ticket on the internet, what do I have to present at the ticket offices?

You must show at the ticket office either the booking receipt or an identity document of the owner of the purchase made through the internet.

10. If I want to come with a group of people, do I have to buy a ticket and name it for each person?

For group bookings, only one name is sufficient for everyone, that of the ticket Buyer.

11. What additional services do I find or offer for the flight, and how much do they cost?

Photos can be purchased upon arrival of the flight from Castelmezzano to Pietrapertosa at a cost of € 5 (1 photo) or € 8 (3 photos) depending on the amount of photos taken. A video camera can be rented on return flights.

12. What do I have to do to cancel the reservation made on the internet?

It is not possible to cancel the reservation, in case of problems it is possible to request a date change.

13. What if there are adverse weather conditions?

The Company Volo dell’Angelo Scarl reserves the right to suspend flight activities during an opening day and / or to close the lifts in advance on a scheduled opening day for technical reasons, opportunities, or due to overt adverse weather conditions.
In this case, users in possession of a ticket for the Flight of the Angel that cannot be carried out due to suspension of plant activities can agree on a new date for the flight with the ticket offices or receive an open replacement voucher valid for 24 months from the ticket offices.
On days with summer or sudden storms, the Company reserves the right to wait up to a couple of hours before declaring closure. Finally, if the lifts close after making the first flight, the second will be replaced by the shuttle service without any voucher.
Tickets are non-refundable.

14. What time do we fly?

It flies from 9.30 to 18.30, in August on some days even starting from 8.30