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It is not possible to book by phone >> Faq and informations

Please arrive one hour before your flight
To carry out all preliminary flight operations, it is necessary to arrive 1 hour in advance at the ticket office for the outbound flight.

Important in the summer season
We remind all those who will carry out the Angel's Flight that it is forbidden to fly in a TANK TOP, it is necessary to wear a T-SHIRT

We remind our kind customers that the Angel's Flight is located in a mountain environment with variable climate and therefore with the possibility of thunderstorms. In these cases the Volo dell 'Angelo Company reserves the right to suspend flights and activities. Users in possession of a ticket for a flight that cannot be carried out due to suspension of activities can agree with the ticket offices a new date for their flight or receive a replacement open voucher valid for 24 months from the ticket offices.

What does a ticket include
One ticket includes 2 flights, one outward and one return on two different lines and a shuttle service

Type of tickets
Ordinary ticket
Choose the date, departure station and return time slot and we are waiting for you for the Angel's Flight

Open Gifts and Tickets
These are the Angel's Flight Vouchers, tickets where you do not indicate during the purchase the date, departure station and times and you can convert them into ordinary tickets whenever you want on any of the opening days of the lifts >> Opening calendar

Ticket's price
From Monday to Friday in July and September
Single flight 1 person: 35 €
Couple flight: 65 € (couple of 2 people)

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, and on all other dates scheduled in May, June, August, October, November
Single flight 1 person: 46 €
Couple flight: 79 € (couple of 2 people)

Open tickets or gifts
Single flight 1 person: 46 €
Couple flight: 79 € (couple of 2 people) >> Click here

Promotions and promotional packages
Only for Single Flights
Every 6 Single Flight tickets purchased will receive a discount on the value of a single flight ticket
only for credit card bookings on this site

Rules for single flights
Minimum age allowed 16 years.
Minimum weight 35 Kg
Maximum weight 120 Kg
Minimum height to be able to fly 135 cm.

Rules for couple flights
Minimum weight of the single person 35 Kg
Minimum height of the single person 135 cm
The maximum total weight of the couple of people who can fly is 150 kg including clothing.
The difference in weight between people flying in pairs must not exceed 40 kg
Minimum height to be able to fly 135 cm.
For children flying with a parent or an adult, the minimum height allowed must be 135 cm and the minimum weight must be 35 kg.

The weight check is carried out at the ticket office.